Sandusky Suction Rolls,
Replacement Shells, and
Custom Designed Paper Rolls

Extending the life of papermaking
machinery through the advancement of
suction roll technology, manufacturing,
and materials.

Customers designing, manufacturing or operating papermaking machinery rely on Sandusky International for the world's leading rolls and shells. Leveraging our expertise and advancements in suction roll technology that spans more than a century, the papermaking industry recognizes Sandusky as the roll source of choice. Utilizing a deep understanding of the demanding environments in which our pulp and paper customers operate, Sandusky provides products and solutions to extend roll life and reduce operating and maintenance costs for paper mills everywhere.

Likewise, customers in many demanding industrial markets including mining, defense, naval/marine, nuclear, material handling, steel mills and energy count on Sandusky.  High performance cylindrical components for corrosive, elevated temperature and high wear environments make our customer's products better.  Ranging from small rings up to single piece unwelded cast tubes 36 feet / 11 meters in length, we provide international customers with a breadth of size, wall thickness and length that is literally not available anywhere else.  As part of the MetalTek International family, Sandusky's Engineered Products are a key part of industrial supply chains everywhere.

With representation on six continents, you can be sure that Sandusky will be there when you need us.

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